The beauty of design in turning frustrations into delight, with Clara Gaggero Westaway

How does technology affect our daily lives and interactions, and in making it more humane and delightful? Today, we're in conversation with Clara Gaggero Westaway, co-founder and creative director of . Recently celebrating its tenth anniversary, the London-based design and innovation studio is known for its work in humanising technology, creating experiences that prioritise user friendliness and satisfaction.

Clara's expertise has guided Special Projects in partnerships with some of the biggest names in tech and research, like Samsung, Google, and King's College London, turning complex tech challenges into accessible solutions. From digital therapy and enhancing to helping us a little, her work exemplifies the power of empathetic design.

But what does it all mean? We ask Clara about the intricacies of creating technology that's helpful and not intrusive, the challenges and surprises of designing for a global audience, and the future trends she sees shaping the industry. We'll also take a closer look at her creative process, how her educational roles influence her professional practice, and how she and her team tackle the ethics of technology and design.

In this episode, Clara also shares how she sees everyday frustrations as opportunities and how drawing on them can create those "warm, fuzzy feelings" she loves so much. This conversation lies at the fascinating intersection of creativity, technology, and human-centric design with one of the industry's leading voices.

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