Branding brilliance and crafting iconic identities at Koto, with G Torto

What gives a brand its spark? That little bit of magic that no one else has? Is it even possible for a brand to be unique anymore? As the world becomes ever more connected, the art of branding has never been more critical or more challenging.

This week, we are talking about brand strategy with , senior director at in Sydney, Australia. G, originally from London and now a key player in the Asia-Pacific region, helps ambitious companies stand up, stand out, and scale smartly. He's a founding member of Koto's fifth studio, bringing a wealth of experience in branding for tech and Software as a Service businesses.

In this episode, we explore how strategic thinking and creative innovation blend to create some of the most iconic brands today. From the difficulty of maintaining originality in a saturated market to integrating new technologies like AI in work processes, G gives us a Koto insider's view on what it takes to create lasting value in the fast-paced world of brand strategy these days.

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