Feel the fear and do it anyway, with Joanna Henly

Fear can hold us back and make us feel stuck. But if we don't face the things that scare us, how will we ever progress? That's certainly the case for us creatives. Whether we're afraid of going freelance, starting a side project, applying for that job, or making a complete lifestyle shift, embracing what terrifies us could actually lead us to happiness. And if it doesn't? Well, there's always a lesson to be learned.

is no stranger to change. She spent her childhood moving around, as her parents' careers dictated. On making new friends at different schools and getting used to new roots, she naturally built resilience and, as a result, didn't shy away from her fears.

That's not always been the case. Just like any of us, Joanna has her ups and downs. But in 2019, she suddenly decided to leave London for Lisbon, completely changing her entire lifestyle and career. And when the global pandemic happened, that only encouraged her to pursue her dreams even more.

She became a creative mentor and now works with aspiring, emerging and mid-term career artists to propel their creativity and careers forward. She's taken everything she's experienced from her of being an illustrator, muralist, fine artist, and digital and VR painter to help others. Joanna has worked with Reebok, Google, Vivienne Westwood, and Wacom. She's presented her work and ideas as inspiration sessions for Apple and sold out workshops and masterclasses at venues including The V&A, The Saatchi and National Portrait Galleries.

Her artworks have even hung in the Saatchi Gallery and Somerset House, while her books are stocked at the Tate and National galleries. She's curated and exhibited solo shows in London and Hong Kong. More recently, she's presented ideas and interactive art with everyone from Google to fashion giants Galliano, painted in VR for the Land Rover Evoque world premiere, and so much more.

So, how on earth do the rest of us face and overcome fear? How do we move forward as creatives and discover new ways of working and living? Essentially, how do we become unstuck and move forward? Joanna gives some excellent advice for anyone itching to make a significant change this year.

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