Retraining social media habits to stop being an 'internet artist', with Julian Glander

Social media has come a long way over the last two decades. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter weren't just great places to connect with others; they became how we built our creative businesses, found clients, and promoted our work. But all good things must come to an end. Profits and shareholders inevitably entered the fray, twisting algorithms and features upside down. We've spent much time and effort chasing likes and clicks until we became exhausted, disengaged, and ready to try anything to market ourselves other than fire out another update.

Perhaps we're going through a shift again, as this week's guest might allude. is a Pittsburgh-based multidisciplinary artist who grew his reputation and business online but is now redefining his relationship with social networks. As a self-described "Internet artist", he admits he's trying to break or retrain his social media habits and find ways to use his time online more productively and intentionally.

This new approach played a big part in developing his new film, – a fantastical coming-of-age story that he has self-financed and put together with a small team over the last few years. The movie tells the story of a teenage delivery driver in suburban Florida whose life is turned topsy-turvy by the arrival of a mysterious and adorable creature from another world.

It's been a real labour of love and, by far, the most ambitious and demanding thing he's ever worked on. To get it done, though, he had to pull lessons from his experiences in many different fields: illustration, video games, music, and animation. But he also made the best use of the web, calling upon his social networks to cast and recruit almost every voice actor in this film, including Joe Pera, Sarah Sherman and Elsie Fisher. He's even embraced TikTok and found success there, making new contacts and finding fresh inspiration.

As our online habits continue to change, we wanted to find out how one successful artist is adapting and embracing what seems to be a new era of social media and how we might follow suit.

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