Building a sustainable design studio and creative career, with Teresa Ferreira

We all want to lead more sustainable lives, but what about work? Are we doing enough to connect with clients that are making a difference? Do we even have any power as creatives to steer brands in the right direction if they're not quite there yet?

Of course, no one is perfect, but it's great that so many companies are taking strides towards becoming more sustainable and doing some good in the world. This week's guest is a brand consultant and creative director who hopes more will catch on. launched her own in 2023 after working as head of design at the Financial Times for nearly seven years. She enjoyed her time there and gained a holistic method of branding, which she applied to all her projects, but she was ready for change.

Passionate about the environment and hoping to make a difference, she's based her new venture on elevating brands in the sustainability and positive impact space. She has 15 years of experience and has worked across various industries, including media, health, travel, and luxury, and she's now supporting purpose-led businesses that are doing great things. She believes there is so much more she can do. As she puts it, we face many environmental and social challenges, and being a creative, I understand my power to influence businesses in the most conscious practices.

We wanted to get into that and much more, and we were curious to discover if establishing her own studio had met her expectations after almost 12 months of going solo.

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